About PRoDoc

Online Access to industry-leading NEBOSH course study material

About PRoDoc

PRoDoc is the Paul Randall online Document system, which provides online access to study material for several NEBOSH qualifications. At present, study material covering the following courses is available

What is the material like?

Whether you are an individual financing your own studies or a NEBOSH provider contemplating the use of our material as a component of your own course provision, you will need to be fully convinced of the quality of our material. A sample is available for each set of material offered through the PRoDoc system.

Our material is amongst the best quality NEBOSH literature; for decades Paul Randall and Associates have been producing industry leading NEBOSH study material, and providing tutorial support to students.

In the past, we have supplied printed hard copies to individuals and NEBOSH course providers - but printing costs have meant that this material is relatively expensive. The PRoDoc system changes that, allowing students to access the material online at a much reduced cost.

Of course, the facility to print the material is available, should the student wish to do so.

Who is PRoDoc for?

The PRoDoc system is aimed at anyone studying for a NEBOSH qualification. Our material is used by several educational institutions as a basis for their NEBOSH tutoring, so you can be confident that our material is comprehensive.

Whether our material will be the basis for your study, or you simply need additional study material for a course provided elsewhere, PRoDoc is for you.

What do I get?

Buying standard access to any of our NEBOSH study material grants you access to the PRoDoc system for 3 months. Benefits include:

How much material is there?

Each NEBOSH course is split into many discrete elements, and our material is arranged in the same way. Each element for a course has a corresponding section within our study material. Each element also has a corresponding hyperlink sheet detailing any external resources referenced.

Furthermore, an analysis of past papers is also provided in order to help the student understand what questions they are likely to face during the exam(s) for their course.

Our study material is regularly revisited due to changes in the NEBOSH syllabus, changes to relevant legislation and so on. Our study material also provides a 'toolbox' section, detailing all these changes in one place for ease of use. This allows us to inform you of any changes without you needing to re-read everything.

Why should I choose PRoDoc?

Should you choose to print our material, you can do so, but PRoDoc is designed to facilitate on-screen study and save the expense (financial and ecological!) of printing the literature in full.

Can I still buy a printed hard copy of your material?

Certainly - please call us on 01243 776394 to arrange a hard copy of the material you need.

Do I need any special software to use PRoDoc?

No - PRoDoc doesn't require any special software, but does require a modern browser. Please see below.

Browser Support

PRoDoc runs best on Chrome, Firefox or Opera, and we request that you use one of these browsers if you experience difficulties using PRoDoc with another browser.

Printing From PRoDoc

You can print from PRoDoc, but Browser support for this feature is limited. If your browser supports printing, you will see a printing icon.

Firefox for Windows, Linux and Mac supports printing from PRoDoc; other browsers may not provide this option.

Can I share my access to PRoDoc?

Distribution of our material is strictly prohibited. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

Educational bodies wishing to provide access to groups of students should contact us on +44 (01243) 776394 to discuss group discount.